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Glabridin and You


LipoGin contains the flavonoid called glabridin, a dietary ingredient which functions to decrease body fat including the visceral fat that is the main cause of Metabolic Syndrome. Glabridin is the result of over a decade of research and development, culminating in the acceptance of glabridin as a New Dietary ingredient (ND) by the Food and Drug Administration.

Glabridin is isolated from the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra, a plant with thousands of years of safe and effective use. Glabridin is a potent antioxidant phytochemical and chemically, glabridin is known as a flavonoid molecule that is part of a larger family of plant-derived poly phenols. Both animal research and two controlled human clinical studies have demonstrated the reliability of glabridin as a safe and effective approach to inhibit the accumulation of excess body fat, especially visceral fat. Reduction of abdominal fat and a reduction of metabolic risk factors can be achieved through the use LipoGin which specifically targets the adipose tissue that surrounds the viscera.

Clinically it is known that abdominal visceral obesity is of particular concern since it further contributes to the progression of Metabolic Syndrome with its poorly controlled levels of blood sugar and dysinsulinemia leading to increased weight gain, elevated blood pressure, and abnormal blood lipid profiles.


Human clinical studies have documented that glabridin reduces body weight, descrease waist circumfrence and mobilizes visceral fat while acting to regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Research conducted in two different strains of laboratory mice, used as models of human diabetes anjd obesity, has shown that glabridin reduces the accumulation of vesceral fat and down regulated the fat forming enzymes in the abdominal adipose tissue; In addition, glabridin stimulated the activity of mitochondrial beta-oxidation or 'fat burning' enzymes in the liver. The placebo-controlled, double-blind human studies have confirmed and extended the results of the experiments performed in the mouse models. Glabridin reduced the amounts of visceral fat, as confirmed by a sophisticated dual-energy X-ray absorptiomerty (DXA) scans and produced reductions of body weight gain and decreased body fat.

In combination with a healthy diet and moderate daily exercise, LipoGin helps to maintain optimal body weight and promotes healthy fat metabolism, eliminating the consequences of visceral fat accumulation and the morbidity associated with Metabolic Syndrome.

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